• Domestic violence
  • Family and sexual violence (FSV)
  • Gender based violence (GBV)
  • Violence against women (VAW)

Workplace Responses to Family & Sexual Violence in PNG : Measuring the Business Case

1st August, 2023

Endline Report

IFC, in partnership with the Business Coalition for Women (BCFW), conducted a two-year research project to better understand how companies in Papua New Guinea (PNG) can support employees affected by family and sexual violence, and to document the benefits of such support. The research aimed to find out whether there are benefits to employees and businesses when companies are set up to respond to family and sexual violence. This report presents the results of surveys and interviews among employees at the three major PNG companies that took part in the research.

The research found that the measures taken by the companies appear to be making a difference. Endline research conducted in 2022 found that the proportion of women in the participating companies who said they had experienced family and sexual violence within their lifetime decreased. Meanwhile, the proportion of those who had experienced family and sexual violence in the last 12 months decreased for women and men from baseline to endline. The only group for which rates of violence did not decrease at endline were women in management roles.

In the endline research, a promising shift in attitudes away from an acceptance of violence (which was already low) can be seen, coupled with a change, particularly among men, towards recognizing the value associated with company support for employees affected by family and sexual violence. This report also provides a comprehensive set of data-informed recommendations targeting businesses, service providers, and other relevant institutions working to prevent and respond to family and sexual violence in PNG.

IFC’s work in PNG is supported by the governments of Australia and New Zealand under the PNG Partnership to unlock private sector investment, promote sustainable economic growth and boost shared prosperity in PNG.

Click on the link provided to read more: https://www.ifc.org/en/insights-reports/2023/family-sexual-violence-png.